Measure wounds with DECU-STICK

How to measure wounds with the DECU–STICK, with a centimetre scale printed on the packaging.


1.    Make sure the end of the stick is behind the "FOLD HERE" line.

2.    Fold the packaging on the "FOLD HERE" line or, should you find it more convenient, cut the packaging along this line.

3.    Perforate the packaging with the stick on the "FOLD HERE" line.

4.    Slide the stick out of the package just beyond the largest diameter of the wound; keep the stick sterile.


5.    Place the tip of the stick on the edge of the wound where the diameter is largest.


6.    Slide the package back to the "FOLD HERE" line at the opposite edge of the wound.

7.    Read the largest diameter of the wound at the top of the cotton wool ball. Round off the distance upward to the nearest 0.5 cm (7 cm in this case).


8. Record the distance on the “Wound Registration Form” (see the Manual on recording wounds).

9. In the same manner, measure the width of the wound perpendicular to the largest diameter and, if present, the depth and undermining.

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