1. Download and print the "WOUND TREATMENT RESULT" form here. Use one form per wound.
  2. Enter the patient’s name and date of birth.
  3. Enter the location of the wound.
  4. Fill in the date treatment commenced (day and month) and the subsequent dates at one-week intervals.
  5. At weekly intervals, measure the largest diameter of the wound with the DECU-STICK. Round off the diameter upward to the nearest 0.5 cm. If the diameter is vertical (direction head-feet) record it on the form with a + and with a -  if it is horizontal.
  6. Now measure the largest diameter of the wound PERPENDICULAR to the first measured diameter. Round off this diameter upward to the nearest 0.5 cm. Record it with a - if it is horizontal and with a + if it is vertical.
  7. Note the greatest depth or undermining if any, with an O.
  8. Connect + with +, - with - , and O with O.
  9. Fill in the type of TREATMENT MATERIAL that will be used for wound care during the coming week.
  10. At weekly intervals, fill in the TREATMENT NUMBER of the wound care material to be used that week.

Using this form will enable both you and your patient to follow the progress of wound healing at a glance. During the first week or weeks, the lines are often horizontal because the wound has to be cleaned (cleaning stage).

If the lines do not start running downward after the wound has been cleaned, it is healing poorly or not at all. Then one should determine the cause and adjust treatment accordingly.

For further information see under Treatment on this website.

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